Quality & Testing

World Class Testing Equipments. In-house Quality Control.

  • The Spectrometer :

    Analyses and tests metal composition by Ladle Analysis. All our products are tested with the Spectrometer and must pass the defined and stringent standards.

  • The Core Shooter :

    is of vital importance for the Pellets Industry. The Core Shooter imparts a superior grade finishing and quality of our castings. The automated process delivers a product impossible to be matched by the manually operated foundries.

  • Heat Treatment Furnace :

    Shree Krishna Induction Pvt. Ltd. has also invested in the second most important process equipment that is instrumental in having complete control of finished product. Instead of outsourcing this process like most foundries, Krishna’s in-house ownership of this important facility makes it highly competent to deliver on its commitments to its customers.

  • Shot Blasting Machines :

    We have this machine to improve the overall surface finishing of casting.

Multiple Applications. Diversified Clients across India.

All our products are manufactured to meet a wide range of needs of core sector industries for applications like building rail tracks, bridge plates, roads, power plant, etc. The products cater to diversified industries like Power sector, cement and the mining industry.

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